You've been kidnapped by a serial killer, think you can talk your way out of being murdered? This Visual Novel was made for the O2A2 Jam! Features 4 endings and 5 minutes of gameplay.

Art by @Soundskies

Sound effects obtained from

Music by Eric Matyas:

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Authorsboredbradley, soundskies
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tags2D, Comedy, Furry, Horror, Ren'Py, Short
Code licenseMIT License
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution v4.0 International
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Download 19 MB
Download 64 MB

Development log


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Omg i got to live on the first try ^^

will there be mobile version?

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Secret Ending, can someone please tell me how to achieve it? I would be really happy! Thank you!

Also, @boredbradley if you are by some chance reading this, sweet game dude. Sheeps are really underrated, and this was just beautiful! My little furry heart was squealing with excitement when I was able to play this! Just amazing! Hope a sequel gets made! <3 

Edit: Never mind. I got it. Just get every answer right (Answer everything to where he is pleased. Get the good ending first)

this game was so fun! i loved all the endings the last one was kinda sus tho jacob.....

Cool game!

This game is so good love it!! Lol

Very short, but still a really cute game! Was worth the play <3



oh shit man please no im not gay please


you are now


tbh i want a second one abt us on a date



great game, love the secret ending, one of the best, if not the best, secret endings ive ever gotten

Hey, I reallly luvd this game. I got all three endings in two nights due to my laptop dying and the power outs in the country I live in but yeah I LOVED IT . :D


i see why the secret ending was secret now...

How tf did u guys get the other endings

we do the funny experimenting


1.You do the good ending by making him happy, by not agitating him. is the neutral ending my making shore his last emotion is neutral by switching through agitated and neutral (Ps. make shore the last emotion he has is not happy or agitated.

3. the last one is give all the wrong awnsers to make him agitated


Hey i'm thinking of making a portuguese fan made translation if that's cool with yall?!

That's cool!


I JUST GOT F-ED AND IM A CHILD THIS DUDE A PEDO(this a joke I know this a game where I鈥檓 in adult in it)


h o r n y


good game


got all 4 ends, cool game


whats the 4th one?

the fourth ending is the "horny" ending lol


holy sh*t HES F*CKING HORNY-

I adore your comment lmao

I haven't tried this VN yet but I'm more than eager now to see what this is all about. 

21/10 comment


It got me wondering what I would be like in this position...


very short, but very fun. 

I got all 3 endings in 3 minutes. I know it's the jam version 


There's a secret 4th ending btw

get all the right answers, and he should be simping at you right away.


vegetarians NOT allowed to play this game.
that's all i have to say.


fuck you, i'm a furry now :(


I really enjoyed this! I haven't played games like this in a while but this brought back a need to play games like this! I loved the art style which is always my focus when im playing games. It was fun to find all the endings!


This was pretty fun! The art was lovely! I'd love to see how a romance with a serial killer would work, heh!


oh there are games for that-

and they are wild asf




He got horn(y)…..


he's very cute... for a crazy man


I would have kidnapped him if he wasn't the kidnapper!!

Keep up the good work and stay safe!! 

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Jacob was pleased all the time. He said if me dying makes it were no one else dies, and I said yes, if I died then no one else can die. And he was suprised, he said that most pepole only care about them self. Overall I love it. You could add some randomness to what he says, but its what you want.

He got horn(y)

Fun game, I really loved the art. It was amusing that you can confuse him and just ends with you being locked up.

there another ending that you got 3 ending and you play it again and you choose all the correct one again and you got 4/3 ending lol

it wont load

try reloading


mano,pelo amor de deus! que jogo perfeito vey! isso foi 100% perfeito mano! plmr d deus!! AMEI!!!! Nota 10!

Br ;0


Good its Not Laoding


while the comments are thirsting over jacob me and my friend are sitting here calling him jschlatt

idk why but me too


it's literally jschlatt with a knife

I think so to


It's not loading.But it loads in chrome os.

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How do you get all the endings?

You've got to end off with him feeling neutral,pissed or pleased


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you can also get a secret ending if you answer right on all the answers, cuz then he gets charmed and you go on a date

wait what


ye then it says 4/3

Or Get hum horn(y)


make a jacob dating sim please lmao

Uh what


h-hear me out-

Deleted 30 days ago
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Me when i first saw jacob: Woah woah woah nah! You got to much dip on ya chip. 

This game left me traumatized :<. otherwise it was pretty cool and scary 



I got the good ending, first try. I surviiivvveeeddd!

Now I want to see the rest of them. 

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