Jacob is Back! And More EXTRA Than Ever!

A serial killer has kidnaped you, think you can talk your way out of being murdered? Again?  This is an expanded version of the original game that was made for the 2021 O2A2  Jam! Features 4 new endings, new characters, extra questions, and an EXTRA mode! Hope you enjoy it! <3

Character Art and Writing by @Soundskies

Background Art, Writing, and Programming By Bixarre

Extra Mode Writing and Programming By Mementos

Writing and Programming By Bradley

Sound effects obtained from https://www.zapsplat.com

Songs; Dark Things 2, Dusk, and Arrival by Eric Matyas: www.soundimage.org

Fonts Jackwrite by Jack Dew and Fidalga by Israel Dideoli

Extra songs; Bear Hug, After Hours, Midnight Chatter, Midnight Rant, and Ghost In The Park were made by Bradley

Trigger Warnings! <3

  • Brief Mentions of Self dying
  • Possessive Behavior 
  • Breaking and Entering
  • Bad People Get Away With Bad Things
  • Murder
  • Flashing lights
  • Cussing
  • Furries
  • Stealing
  • Mentions of abuse

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, HTML5
Release date Jun 30, 2023
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(94 total ratings)
Authorsboredbradley, Very_Bixarre, soundskies, M3M3MENT0M0R1
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tags2D, Comedy, Dating Sim, Furry, Horror, LGBT, Multiple Endings, Ren'Py, Romance, Short
Code licenseMIT License
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution_NonCommercial v4.0 International
Average sessionAbout an hour


JacobExtra-1.2.3-pc.zip 143 MB
JacobExtra-1.2.3-mac.zip 138 MB
JacobExtra-1.2.3.apk 150 MB

Development log


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I'd honestly love a date night ending where when the protag does go off at James, that the protag is much more emotionally intelligent and understands Jacobs' pain/trauma/mental wellbeing. Like, the protag barely knows Jacob as of right now, but just an understanding mature protag would be perfect for Jacob. (Plus I am now a James hater and just liiiiiiiike.... He's icky to me lmfao)

this is such a refreshing take on what "shlorp" did in 1999

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everytime i come back to replay this game im left wanting more of jacob i cannot lie LOL


Can you actually see bodies in the background art? I pity James. I don't often pity people, so, that was a trip.


Love this game, love the short animation too! I would love to see more of "Date Nights" as well. Awesome work man! ^^



game of the year 1812 better than the war


I have ENRAGED Jacob so much he crashed my computer. RIP :(




Aww, I wish Joss actually wanted Jacob, and damn James is scaring me


I would go for a 2nd night. Jacob is hot but sad if you got the date night

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Date night Secret ending got my heads (dont ask, its plural) in my hands but Jacob is hot ngl

p.s. as long as you realise endings are based on 3 catagories of mood, Neutral (There's 3 types of Neutral btw, red flash, Brown, Yellow flash), Annoyied-Enraged, Pleased-Quenched for the Date night (Date night dosnt have horny as far as i know) the endings are easy to get

However for the main ending i suggest you to get each and every mood (10 in total, 8 paths possible, one path is repeated for the Secret Mood after you completed the previous 8, another is Quenched but you can take different routes for that i think)

Overall an amazing game (shur up im gae 😳)


I know it sounds strange, but for some reason that unstable, paretic personality seems somewhat...attractive to me? idk. Jacob is very hot. Obviously I pray that I never find someone like him one day.

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I hope there is a second date, I would like an answer, I really fell in love with this game even though I met it last night XD


you'll never believe what mod i made a few months ago


i need more of this ram fr. Loved it


This literally evolves to Stockholm Syndrome the game and I love it.

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please please date night 2

also there's a small bug where there's no option to sleep with Jacob it's weird 




Amo a Jacob <3. Aunque sea una oveja, se ve lo suficientemente intimidante para asustarte. Pero sigue siendo lindo.

How do you get the part where you get to go on a date with him because I could not go to work the love of God

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we deleted it! ^-^

noooooooo D,:



:o wha.. how can i not notice it got release dont tell me the over 2 month i haven't been notified but ill be the judge of that if i enjoy it then the creator and everyone who work on this game are great and talented people

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will there be more? I am very interested in the story and where it leads, especially the ending with that streamer


Yeah, the streamer seemed like he was going to do something more to me

I see thx o((>ω< ))o


I think Jacob must have gone through some trauma or I don't know... that famous "victim of society" thing, at least his words and attitudes imply that. He's very unbalanced, troubled mind, but very easy to manipulate through his emotions (I even found him cute?)(Also I found out in the course of the game that he really had traumas in the past... my poor Jacob) 

I found the question scheme interesting, it's really cool to see his different moods and how he'll answer, oh and the animation of him killing us when he's pissed is AWESOME! Like really, I felt like I was in an anime lol

Jacob gives off a lot of anarchist energy who wants to do justice with his own hands cuz society sucks and no one does anything, not even the government or authorities (again, that's just what I think, I could be totally wrong about my view of Jacob and I dare say I agree with some of his points, although I'd never lock someone up in a basement, do a Q&A and kill them lol) I guess I just understand his frustration despite him being a complete nutcase, Jacob has my heart!❤️

When we start arguing with James (I already expected him to do something in the story) I couldn't take the smile off my face, because as Joss himself said, it was nothing difficult, just say what Jacob wanted to hear LMAOOO Best scene in the whole game!!! (shame Jacob didn't appeared and made a scene, it would be PERFECT)

I loved this game more than I expected for sure, it's short and SO GOOD, no regrets here❤️


good game keep making art if you like to i think you can do more and make more games because its so good.

Deleted 36 days ago

exactly my thought during the 4th ending 

I feel like this guy would get along with senator armstrong


How do i go on a date with himmmm????

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when he asks things like (do you enjoy this?) say yes. if he asks if yu think someone will save you, say you dont want to be saved. and tell him you dont think he's a bad person. his mood will say (Horny!!) and if it says that at the end you will unlock date mode


Oh thx!





he's so cute and I love it


I LOVE THIS GAME (and i should get better tastes in man bc why do i like a murderous furry so much? /hj)

Been trying to get the part where I said no to a second date but didn't expect something else to happen (Thought I it was supposed to be those type of get all endings for this ending and I just got glitched or something). Didn't also expect to have an expanded version of this game either lol


this good! even if we can make him pleasure we still can reject what he thinks! even if that means we die but that good to not agree with everything!


The first version of this game took me by surprise, finding out out that I was strangely into the idea of dating a murderous furry ram was rather a shock, as you can well imagine. 

Jokes aside, I'm so happy to see this back, and that you've fleshed out Jacob to such a degree that I even sympathize with him for the most part. I love the new additions and I'm also really really hoping to see more from this, I think it has potential to become it's own thing, and judging by the comments I'm not alone. 

My only criticism would be confusion over the pronouns; we're referred to as 'she' then 'he' and then 'they'. Just wondering if it was perhaps an oversight and it was supposed to be neutral? Otherwise ignore this.


I think the idea of a murderous ram being into oneself is a reality most are afraid to admit they're into </3 So good on you for accepting that part of yourself fr.

As for future plans, we don't really have much in mind! Just imagine Jacob skips the second date and then marries you. I think that's a pretty good ending, that's the type of stuff that lulls me to sleep at night!

On the topic of Joss though, he actually uses all pronouns! We probably should've explained that ingame, but the idea was for Joss to be a stand-in for the player base! No matter pronouns and stuff.

so Marriage ending confirmed?


+ honeymoon and bitter divorce


I really liked the game but does anyone know if there is a secret ending in date mode?


You mean besides the 4 endings?? Don't think so, but the last ending is somewhat of a "secret" (replaying a route and getting a different ending)


God this is such a good game I love it, it's a great follow up to the original! I wish there was a blushing Jacob sprite but maybe that's too out of character for him just yet while he gets used to Joss' company ahaha. James is a lil' shit though, hands off my hot sheep Daddy! We're band geeks, you don't understand our bond! Go back to streaming to your 5 viewers.


I loved all of the new characters that were introduced and that we got to know a bit more about Jacob.


I just 100% (I think), got al 13 endings and have to say, it was a fun experience, I wonder if the story would be expanded in the future, if so, I'm so excited :3


Jacob still looks submissive and breedable.

literally how do you have the courage to share this publicly 


Because Im a himbo


Forgot to post this, oops. I had played the JAM version a while ago. I enjoyed the game a lot!

I liked the characters here. they are cute, funny and made me want to learn more about their world. frankly, these two games are just really good.

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