Small Little Update!

Hello, I just wanted to let everyone know that the web version of the game has been updated and should (hopefully) work again. The other CocoaMintLeaf members and I are still working on the Expanded edition. A lot of the art assets are finished and we even got a short little animated cutscene made by the talented Soundskies! A screenshot of it is posted below.  See ya later!

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Jun 26, 2022

Get Do Not Kill Me Jacob!! JAM Ver.


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sense this is the newest thing on the game I can find, as someone who can relate to feeling little to no care about human life (I know there animals, get over it Jeremy) I can't wait to see more updates on it, also where are you planing on releasing it, steam, itch (tell me so I can give you my money!)


hello, we're planning on releasing it here on for free!


wow, I mean, wow, this much detail into something free, well I won't bug you further but wow, this is amazing!

i am down bad, TREMENDASLY 


so the date version ? aha 


huh?? he looks hotter??? pls lemme date the serial killer i want him

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He still looks submission and breedable.


My excitement for this update (I am  very eager to see more):


Oh, no way, no way, no way, no way! Oh, I loved so much this game! I'm so happy we will more content of this beloved serial killer!

This made my day much better!


Pretty excited for some extra time with Jacob. :)


woah that looks good